About Us

PorterPak is a Kent-based family business with a history of supplying airlines, dairies and pubs across Britain with a variety of gable top cartons.

Discovering a niche for stackable, tapered cartons with low minimum orders and customised artwork, we expanded our manufacturing capacity to meet growing demand - and become a viable alternative to single-use plastics.

Our factory is home to base-sealing and forming machines, including the recent addition of equipment that manufactures our patented round-based Porter carton. We strive to work with the leading global paperboard producers to improve on the sustainability of coatings and seals, and always purchase raw material supplies that meet international environmental standards, such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Why Paperboard?


Paperboard is primarily made of paper with a thin waterproof barrier. This material - increasingly with 100% renewable coatings* - is flexible, durable, light, and cheap.

And incredibly useful

While this makes paperboard the smart option for packing, transporting and storing your product, self-sealing cartons has historically offered only a limited range, forcing businesses to “prefer” single-use plastic.

Why Now?

Because single-use plastic is, thankfully, going away. Country by country, product by product, sustainable packaging is now a necessity and a duty in our united effort to eradicate plastic.

Biodegradable, compostable and recyclable packaging is no longer a bonus but an assumption for consumers. The gable carton’s legendary attributes are now not just for larger businesses with filling and sealing capacity, but also for the single-use self-seal market.